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Please don't invalidate your friends' attempts to reach out to you. Please don't forget that there are people who love you and care about you and want you to be happy always.

Please try to remember the times your friends are there for you, especially during the times that they can't be. Please don't forget that your friends are human too, that they experience happiness and sorrow and anxiety just like you do, if not more. Please don't hold it against someone if they can't be there to support you because they had to take care of themselves first.

Please don't push away the people who try to hurts more than you can imagine, and it makes them more afraid to reach out in the future. It makes them feel guilty when all they can do is sit there and watch in silence because they're afraid that they'll make it worse if they try.

And please support your friends when you have the capacity to do so. Please let them know how much you love them and care for them in whatever way you can, even if it means just sending them a hug or a positive thought. Every single acknowledgement means the world to them.

Please surround yourself with positivity, and inject positivity where it's needed if you can. We can't all be perfect at all times, but if we're able to handle each other at our worst, we'll come out much stronger for it when we're at our best.


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